Seawater was created by Scott Butcher, an Aussie surfer born and bred in Sydney.  Scott was also a professional squash player who lived for 10 years in New York City - a long way from the golden beaches of his home in Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia.  

Scott loved his job in New York but greatly missed the ocean. He began taking photos from the waves at any chance he could get during his vacation time in Australia. These photos instantly took him home when he was back in the concrete jungle of New York City.

Upon returning home to Australia and, eager for a job, Scott's family encouraged him to sell the images and, just like that, Seawater was born.

Scott now lives with his wife and daughter in his beloved Cronulla Beach, Australia. He knows that without his dream job in New York his new job at Seawater would never have evolved. Forever grateful.